Equip Your Child to Recognize, Prevent and Recover from Bullying...Before it's too Late.

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Hear what families are saying..

Family — I love that we can take it on the go...it gets the whole family involved.

Simple — It’s simple for everyone to understand.

Hope! — It’s hope, I felt it and I wanted MY KIDS to feel it!

"My kids liked this. Gave us a chance to talk a little about the lies that bullies tell us and make us believe about ourselves. We talked about the dancer’s chains being those lies and who can help us break those chains. Kids are on board to be 'bully breaking buddies' with me!!"

Mom of Three

Speak Up — I like that it helps teach my children how to speak up.

Parents — I love the counselor helping me know if my child is being bullied and how to talk to the school.

One dad shared how he reads the Bee Affirmed cards to his two little girls each night. Saying, “You’re Valuable, You’re Worthy, Your Ideas Matter, I Beelieve in You, You’re Important” and more. His wife said through tears, “It’s transformed our home.”

Bullying — It’s good to know what it really is because you could bullying someone and not know it was bullying.

Empathy — My kids have increased in empathy and awareness.

Legislators — Hear why State Legislators love and support Bee Friendly programs.

“Bullying is a huge issue in my work with children and adults with developmental disabilities. The damage done by bullying can last a lifetime. Bee Friendly Network™ programs are fun and helpful. Teaching these skills early is the best way to stop the damage of bullying.”

Erica Blackbourn, LLP
Licensed Behavioral Psychologist

Affirmations — They are absolutely amazing! Reminding them that they have value.

“The Bee Friendly Boot Camp and associated products are of high quality and supported by research evidence regarding bullying and the cultural dynamics that surround and support it. The program holds great promise to overcome a serious issue that sometimes has devastating results for our children and their families. The skills the children will learn from this program will serve them throughout their lives.”

Susan M. Wolfe, Ph.D.
Community and Developmental Psychologist

Suicide — How bullying took a life...a dad’s story.

Welcome to the Family!