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Bee Friendly has helped kids recognize, prevent and recover from bullying...before it’s too late.

Why is this program so vital right now?

When equipped correctly, children can develop the resiliency needed to rise above circumstances and overcome obstacles that are prevalent in our world today.

Bee Friendly has helped children and parents successfully overcome the challenges that Covid-19 is now causing. Feelings of isolation, loneliness, fear, anxiety and depression. Developing resiliency during times of crisis is very important.

Bee Friendly helps kids during times like these to have MORE...

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Bee Friendly Brings Hope.
And Hope is a Universal Desire.


because due to COVID-19 the SAME outcomes that bullying causes are now being experienced by children everywhere.

If you've ever wished you could just put a cool, engaging video on for your kids and walk away knowing they're getting the encouragement and equipping they need to get through this season, this is it. And if you've ever wanted to find out some incredible tips on how to help your kids, you'll hear straight from professional counselors. It's super simple to join and you get immediate access to everything. Why? Because we love you. And we love kids. And we just want you to know, you're not alone. We're right here with you.


Featured Bee Team Members

Bee Affirmed Cards

"Kids liked the dance with Reagan. Gave us a chance to talk a little about the lies that bullies tell us and make us believe about ourselves. We talked about his chains being those lies and who can help us break those chains. Kids are on board to be "bully breaking buddies" with me!!"

Mom of Three

"It gives my kids the confidence they need to say something and to speak up on behalf of the person who’s being bullied or if they’re being bullied."

Mom of Four

“High quality and supported by research evidence.”

Susan M. Wolfe, Ph.D.
Community and Developmental Psychologist

“Both entertaining and informative, this organization does more than identify what is wrong but rather advocates for what is right.”

Dr. Nick Pitts
Executive Director, Institute for Global Engagement
Dallas Baptist University

“People buy into the leader first; then they buy into the vision. That has been true for me with the Bee Friendly Program. Bee Friendly’s Executive Director, Kristi Kennedy, has thoroughly impressed me with her servant leadership. I admire her always-thorough preparation, relentless work ethic, selfless passion to serve others, and humble confidence to empower team members! In turn, I have fully bought into the Bee Friendly vision: To combat bullying and to improve children’s self-images through positive encouragement!"

Scott Hoover Stier
District Director, Representative Matt Krause

One dad shared how he reads the Bee Affirmed cards to his two little girls each night. Saying, “You’re Valuable, You’re Worthy, Your Ideas Matter, I Beelieve in You, You’re Important” and more. His wife said through tears, “It’s transformed our home.”

An Awesome Dad!

What is Bullying?


We create unity & connection. Where every person knows their worth and value. We’re changing the way the world sees, thinks, talks and transforms.

Were you bullied? Has someone you loved been bullied? What would it mean to you to help a kid not suffer from being bullied? It’s priceless.

For instance, one dad from a very low socioeconomic and high incarceration demographic told us:

"Yea, I got two girls. They weren't doing great but what do you say to girls? Yea. So, I don't know much about Bee Friendly but I read these cards to my kids each night. [our Bee Affirmed cards]. You know, those ones that say 'You’re Valuable', 'You’re Worthy', 'Your Ideas Matter', 'I Beelieve in You', 'You’re Important'..." He went on to share over 15 life-giving phrases he had unknowingly memorized and was speaking daily!

His wife said through tears, “It's transformed my girls' lives. It’s transformed our home." This dad had no idea from that one simple, proactive act - he was transforming his little girls' lives and his home! And that is only One Small part of the amazing Bee Friendly programs and the simple proactive way they change lives.

Bee Friendly helps ALL kids recognize, prevent and recover from bullying…before it’s too late. It's the proactive foundation that every child needs for success. Our digitally safe programs especially equip vulnerable populations who otherwise do not have access to the valuable resources of counseling, social-emotional learning, mental health resources and more. We equip parents to know what to do 24/7 whenever a crisis could arise. We equip teachers with simple, zero prep digital resources that create a culture of kindness. We equip kids to be successful mentally, emotionally, and socially which all leads to increased academic success and positive physical health.

You're Not Alone Music Video


Bee Friendly Now's evidence-based digital programs deliver certified outcome-based results for schools, club organizations, and families. Bee Friendly uses data-driven curriculum creatively designed and based on professional research from the US Government, CDC, HHS and more. Bee Friendly produces safe positive cultures where learning can thrive. Equipping children to recover from bullying and isolation decreases the potential for mental health challenges to develop. Built on 5 Pillars of Success: Character, Leadership, Communication, Social-Emotional Learning and Bully Prevention. Bee Friendly brings hope. And hope is a universal desire

Why We Began Bee Friendly

Kristi Kennedy, Co-Founder/CEO — is a PhD Candidate in Medical Research, a widow by circumstance and mother to five. All are survivors of bullying and abuse.

“I started my first business when I was 10 years old – a dance studio because I had a passion for ballet. A year later, after performing in the Nutcracker Suite with the Detroit Symphony, I set a meeting with my elementary school principal (scary) and delivered my first pitch. I wanted to hold auditions and put on the Nutcracker at our school to make it possible for other kids to do what I did. It was my passion. Six months later we performed 3 live productions of the Nutcracker including a city performance. The city news was there to capture the event. I didn’t realize what a big deal it was. At the time, I was just following my passion, trying to help kids and make an impact at our school. Fast forward 40 years – there have been many more live productions and businesses. But my most important accomplishment has been raising five children, one who recovered from severe autism, all who are now successful adults. I became a widow by circumstance a decade ago after we all survived several homicide attempts on our lives. We personally understand the bully/domestic violence connection. We’ve discovered what it takes to walk by faith (the real kind that puts food on the table, gas in the tank or literally keeps you alive). We’ve learned to overcome obstacles that most people never experience in life. Going from private jets and yachts to five kids in a minivan was a trade worth eternal value. We’ve never been on a government program although we’ve been homeless three times the past decade. Today, I have a passion to save lives. When we banish bullying, we help prevent: youth suicide, school shootings, human trafficking…and domestic violence, something I personally fell into after believing the lies bullies told me from my first day of Kindergarten. It doesn’t have to bee this way. We can make a huge positive social impact. Together, we can change the world!”


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